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Sal’s LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Impressions


So how was your weekend? A few weekends ago the Rogue Rebels trooped with Saber Guild, Rebel Legion, The 501st Legion, and the Mandalorian Mercs.

Thanks for the great shot @JamesJawa!!!
Thanks for the great shot @JamesJawa!!!

Not only did we have an AWESOME time trooping in our costumes we also snuck away to see the special preview of The Freemaker Adventures they happened to be showing! We saw the first episode so I thought I’d share my impressions.


The show follows the Freemaker family that consists of Rowan, Zander, Kordi, and the hilarious helping hand battle droid RO-GR on their scavenging adventures throughout the galaxy. If you’re familiar with the other LEGO Star Wars animated shows this is definitely the same humor and tone of those shows. In my opinion it’s one of the better shows since instead of mostly spoofing the films and their characters it has its own characters and plot to follow.The story is pretty interesting so far and the characters are super fun and lovable.


A few familiar Sith show up and seem to be pretty faithful to their other LEGO appearances. It still has the same jokes and humor style expected from LEGO. It’s fun and definitely feels to me like a Saturday morning cartoon. The kids enjoyed the show and laughed out loud a few times and they are definitely looking forward to the series. For me it’ll be fun to watch with the family and it’ll give us something to do while we wait for Star Wars Rebels Season 3! If you liked the other LEGO shows you’ll probably get a kick out of this one!


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