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Saw Gerrera was created for Star Wars: Underworld or one of the spin-off shows!


On the newest episode of The Star Wars Show there is a brief breakdown of the character reveals we saw this morning from EW. It was revealed that Forest Whitaker is playing Saw Gerrera. We were first introduced to Gerrera during Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ fifth season in a four-part story chronicling the start of a rebel cell on Onderon. Now we have learned that the Saw Gerrera came from George Lucas himself. Pablo Hidalgo tells The Star Wars Show hosts:

Saw’s been kicking around for a while. A lot of people know him from Clone Wars but he started off before that. George had him in mind for his live action TV series that was in development. It ultimately never happened but he found a place to put Saw in his story in The Clone Wars.

My knee-jerk reaction is that this character was to be shown in Star Wars: Underworld. But there was talk about elements of that show spinning off into two other shows as the series progressed. At one point the series was almost on HBO but it sounds like talks fell apart when HBO wanted partial ownership of the series. So after those talks fell through The Clone Wars went to Cartoon Network and Star Wars: Underworld just became a thing George Lucas and Rick McCallum said was too expensive to make but they were looking for a way to make it happen. A short time later Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney and the series became a few seasons of scripts that have informed elements of the saga.

The Saw Gerrera connection isn’t unlike what we saw with Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the criminal underworld. Organizations and characters like the Pykes were said to have stemmed from the live-action television series as well. 1313 appears to be another one of those pieces of that puzzle too. The Clone Wars danced around actually taking us to 1313 but instead took us to the level above it so we didn’t actually go that low in a kids’ show (for everyone).

I really dig that a character from The Clone Wars is making such a big impact. Gerrera is not just a character from The Clone Wars, he’s much more. He started off as a character created sometime after Revenge of the Sith for a live-action show, ended up in The Clone Wars, and is now played by Forest Whitaker in a live action Star Wars film. How’s that for a promotion?

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Just last week it was revealed that Palpatine was going to have a love story that played into his corrupting nature. We were going to see how Han Solo and Chewbacca met one another. There was going to be a sequence about how Lando lost the Falcon to Han Solo. There was going to be a Boba Fett rocket pack sequence and stuff with Darth Vader. Now we know there was going to be stuff with Saw Gerrera.

Watch he newest episode of The Star Wars Show: 

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