“The Cantina Cast” #132 Rogue One Re-shoots and Grand Admiral Thrawn


For the first time in “Cantina Cast” history Mike is flying solo. Let’s hope he doesn’t put you to sleep.

In this episode:

  • Celebration Orlando tickets go on sale
  • Netflix can stream all Lucasfilm movies from 2016 and beyond
  • What character would be perfect for a Netflix series?
  • Dave Filoni tease a Legends character to debut on season 3 of Rebels
  • Will it be Grand Admiral Thrawn?
  • Rogue One details on troopers we’ll see and the new AT-AT (AT-ACT)
  • The breakdown of the Rogue One re-shoots
  • Is J.J. Abrams involved?
  • Who is doing the re-shoots?
  • 40% of the film to be re-shot?
  • Is 40% normal?
  • Will Rogue One be toned down to make it more family friendly?
  • Does Rogue One end 10 minutes before the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope?

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