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Darth Maul was supposed to die in Star Wars Rebels Season 2

This is a very interesting tid bit from Star Wars Celebration Europe: in the Season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels, the damaged Sith himself, Darth Maul, was supposed to die at the hands of Darth Vader. This comes from a interview with Dave Filoni via IGN. Check out what Filoni had to say:

“It’s interesting. This is a little bit inside, but Maul wasn’t meant to survive the Malachor episode. There was a lot of thought given to taking him out there because a lot of the Malachor arc, originally, was more about Vader confronting Maul and it was going to be a story about that. It became clear to me as the emotional story developed and we worked on it more that that was just going to be wrong, that if anything happened to Maul it needed to have its proper time and its proper space. That’s how he kind of got a pass and survived to this season.”


I’m really glad they didn’t kill Maul off in the finale. It’ll be cool to see where his character goes in Season 3; however, I do hope he goes out at the hands of Vader this season. Only time will tell!

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