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Foodles pleads guilty to two charges in Harrison Ford’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens accident is reporting The Star Wars: The Force Awakens production company “Foodles” has plead guilty to two charges made against the production firm. The accident in question left Harrison Ford injured and the production halted.

A production company behind Star Wars has pleaded guilty to two criminal charges after Han Solo actor Harrison Ford broke his leg on set.

Very small details about what actually happened to cause the accident were released:

Prosecuting, Andrew Marshall told the court Ford had gone through the door on the set of Star Wars Episode Seven: The Force Awakens and hit a button before starting to walk back through it, believing the set was not live and that it would not close.

A spokesperson for “Foodles” said that they did have a safety release on the door which is why Harrison Ford did not die. Apparently the force of the door akin to the weight of a small car. It appears because they pleaded guilty to two charges, two other charges were dropped. The company will be sentenced on August 22nd.

The accident left Harrison Ford with a broken leg and the production halted for about a month. Director J.J. Abrams admitted on The Daily Show that he actually broke his back trying to lift the door off Harrison Ford.

We’re hearing from those that saw the live news report that the fine could be “unlimited.”

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