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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story planet named, images, and more!

Potential Spoilers from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story follow below.


Jedibibliothek shared some new images from a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story book today. has posted preview images of the book. The coolest part is we get a name for one of the worlds of Rogue One: ScarifAccording to the preview pages, the Death Star is being constructed on the “secluded world, the planet Scarif.”

“Huge tracts of land were excavated to build ships and supply the Death Star.”

It also says that the world has powerful shields. So clearly the rogues are going to have some kind of trick for getting past that. In The Force Awakens, Han Solo entered the Starkiller Base at lightspeed. Maybe these rebels have some stolen codes or simply fight their way in? The other question I have is does the excavated portions of land lead to the destruction of the world as some unconfirmed rumors have laid out in the past?

The U-wing is confirmed to be the lander ship. We had put together on the podcast that the lander seen in the D23 concept art was in fact the U-wing from the side. We also see here that the U-wing isn’t unique and Bodhi Rook is probably one pilot of many who fly that vessel.

On the same podcast we speculated about the how to say K-2SO. The recent press said they call him “K2” but the phonetic pronunciation is “Kay-Two-Esso.”

The gallery of preview images:

Gallery of preview images removed by request.

Thanks to JediBibliothek for the heads-up!

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