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“Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners” Episode 13: Aftermath: Life Debt breakdown


On this episode of “Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners,” Johnny and Hawes tell you what you NEED to know from Aftermath: Life Debt at the end of the show to avoid those who do not want to be spoiled, and dedicate most of the show to listener e-mail!

  • Quick Rogue One news
  • Fast breakdown of the new Episode VIII photos
  • Rogue One trailer anticipation!
  • Sticky nickels? Whaaaaaaat?
  • “Dude, ‘F’ That Guy” is back!
  • New segment announced! “I Dream of Johnny” listeners dream of Johnny? Yes, we want to hear about it (or at least Johnny does).
  • At the very end of the show for those who wish not to be spoiled… Aftermath: Life Debt spoilers! Johnny and Hawes’ thoughts, theories, and speculations!
  • The Rogue Winner’s Circle of listener e-mail and more much much more!


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