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Sal’s Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer thoughts

Star Wars Celebration Europe is in full swing and while I definitely am not there, through the mystical energy field known as the internet, I have the power to watch right along with everybody else….

Technology is AWESOME!!! I’ve been a strong Star Wars Rebels supporter from day one (some may say before) and I continue to be blown away by the quality and depth on the stories we’ve gotten.

I wanna just take this opportunity to break this trailer apart and look closer at all the awesome.

Here we go

The trailer opens with 2 lightsabers being ignited and Ezra yelling “Ahsoka!” which reminds us where we left off.

Then we see Kanan.


"Battles leave scars. Some we can't see."
“Battles leave scars. Some you can’t see.”

He meditates on Atollon.

We see Ezra, and hear him reflect on his guilt. We also see how powerful he has become.



His new green lightsaber is awesome but I notice that some very unique Jedi use green lightsabers. Qui-Gon Jinn, Luke Skywalker, Quinlan Vos. When we first Saw a green Lightsaber in Return of the Jedi we didn’t know what it meant. We didn’t know what Luke was. By the end of that film Luke follows his own path to redeem but becomes a true Jedi like his father before him. I think Ezra walks a path of guilt, but also of burden. He has become a true Rebel and will use everything he has to fight for their cause.

Kanan and Ezra argue over the use of the Sith Holocron obtained on Malachor. Ezra wants to use it to destroy the Sith, Kanan reminds him it almost destroyed them.

Fulcrum tells them a few cadets at the Skystrike academy wish to defect. With Ahsoka out of the picture it seems Fulcrum is a mantle passed on to other Rebel contacts. Possibly Bail?


TIE SS25. You can call me Wedge. An awesome surprise to me and a great character that I can’t wait to see in action.


Also I’m pretty sure that’s a disguised Sabine in the center. I’m guessing the infiltrates the academy to get the others out. Kind of like Ezra did at the cadet academy.

Then a prison break for none other than…


I look as happy as Ezra to see Hondo show up but the rest of the crew looks… less than thrilled….


Then what sounds to me like Reclam Station and we see Y-Wings…vlcsnap-2016-07-16-23h13m15s401… and Chop and Rex reliving glory days of Clone Wars past… Stealing Y-Wings for the Rebellion!!!

Then Battle Droids.


And our heroes wrecking shop.


Then an unknown pilot flies a YT-2400!!



It’s probably not the Outrider but I still am excited to see who flies it and what they can do.

Then, what’s worse than flying stormtroopers?


Yep, Mandalorians who serve the Empire.


I can’t wait to see what this means for Sabine and her new jetpack!


Another Mandalorian (presumably) tells her that she hasn’t forgotten their ways and earned his respect.

Giant Buzz droids maybe?


Darktrooper style battle droids?



Lots of great action, Hondo laughs and then Governor Pryce returns…. to confer with Tarkin…


She needs someone who can see a larger picture.


Then from the Legends steps Thrawn.


He looks like the epitome of everything we’ve imagined since 1991. Filoni mentioned that he worked closely with Zahn on making sure the character was right. So far looks like it paid off.


The crew doesn’t look happy.


Then all Malachor breaks loose.


The light and the dark.


The one in the middle. The Bendu.


Secrets, anger, strength….. Scout Troopers!!!!




The return of the Darksaber


Hera meets Thrawn? That can’t be good…


The trailer ends with one final line from Ezra. “The key to destroy the Sith.”

I’m ready for this ride.


SWR S3 Ezra, Sabine

SWR S3 Hera, Ezra, Sabine, Zeb

SWR S3 Thrawn (1)SWR S3 Thrawn Pose

SWR S3 Bendu


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