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SDCC: MakingStarWars.Net’s Hasbro Star Wars Interview



Jason got the chance to chat with Joe Ninivaggi of Hasbro today during San Diego Comic-Con regarding what is coming soon from the line. Joe is the Director of Global Brand Strategy & Marketing for Hasbro Star Wars. Enjoy the interview!

Jason: Will Walmart still be the distributor for the 3.75″ Black Series line, and are there any more planned? Any in specific?

Joe (Hasbro): Yes, they are going to still be the distributor. There are plans for more and we will be having some come out this fall from Rogue One as well as classic characters.

Jason: When will we get to see the full reveal of the Rogue One product line?

Joe (Hasbro): September 30th is the shelf date for Rogue One. That is when we will have all of our product on display.

Jason: Any chance we will get a 6″ scale X-Wing?

Joe (Hasbro): There is always a chance; that’s a big ship so we’ll see. I can’t say especially, but that is something we have talked about for sure.

Jason: Now that we have the R5 body from the 6″ droids three-pack, can we expect any more droids such as R5-D4?

Joe (Hasbro) Yes.

Jason: There seems to be a lack of 6″ The Force Awakes figures announced. There is a lot we still need such as General Leia, Luke Skywalker, Maz Kanata, Unkar Plutt, Rey (Resistance), and more. Are any of those on the way any time soon?

Joe (Hasbro): Yeah, absolutely. We got a lot out in the beginning, but there is always going to be more, just like we are making more from films that have been out for decades, so for sure, absolutely they will be coming.

Jason: You guys made several 12″ Star Wars Rebels characters such as Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, Kallus, and stormtroopers. Fans where wondering if we will get a Sabine, Hera, Chopper, and Ahsoka to complete the crew?

Joe (Hasbro): Probably not. I think we are starting to move away from Rebels on that scale specifically, but you know there is definitely more (Rebels) coming. We have some new Rebels in 3.75″ and also 6″. We have seen Sabine, Hera, and Ahsoka in all of those scales.

Jason: Any chance we will get Ahsoka in her cold weather gear and slave outfit from Season 4 since we have already gotten her Season 1, Season 3, and space suit outfits?

Joe (Hasbro): No. That is a great question, but there are no plans for that right now.

Jason: Any chance of a Rey with Finn’s jacket figure?

Joe (Hasbro): There is a chance, yeah.

Jason: Recently, the only way fans are finding out about figures are through leaks. Any chance you guys will be utilizing Hasbro pulse more?

Joe (Hasbro): Absolutely. That is something we are going to start doing for Rogue One and beyond–we definitely want to get better at letting you guys know what’s coming in the wave and when the waves are expected. It is hard to pinpoint when specific waves are going to get to your exact state or your exact city, but we realize we haven’t even been letting everyone know except the first two waves (of TFA?) in the catalog we produced, kind of what’s coming down the pipe. So you will see more of that soon.

Jason: Will the AT-ACT app work for all platforms?

Joe (Hasbro): It will be for IOS and Android.

We would like to thank Joe for letting us talk with him about whats coming up for Hasbro Star Wars action figures. If you missed all the new figure reveals from yesterday, click HERE to check them all out. Make sure to listen to “The Cargo Hold” tomorrow for the full audio interview.

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