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Star Wars Celebration Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer synopsis

At the end of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story panel this morning, there was a small trailer shown. The trailer was just about a minute in length. We will not be posting any videos from the trailer as they asked everyone put their cameras away and not film it. Here is a description of what the people at the panel saw:

  • Tatooine music from A New Hope opens over LFL logo
  • The presumed young Jyn Erso runs on a green planet (probably the fourth planet we haven’t had named yet)
  • Young girl runs towards camera, an Imperial-type shuttle flies by her.
  • Then we see adult Jyn running from evil people
  • “Everyday we grow weaker” -Jyn
  • Shot of captured Rebel pilots being escorted by Stormtroopers we saw in the last trailer
  • It appears Cassian watches them pass them by
  • “While they grow stronger” – Jyn
  • Death Troopers march on the green world, showing the same shot we saw last trailer but slightly longer here
  • “This is our chance” – Jyn
  • Shot of Mon Mothma at war console we saw last trailer followed by Cassian crossing his arms like in the last trailer
  • The rebels running through the jungle, Vietnam-style. Lots of tall trees.
  • “To make a real difference” -Jyn
  • Stormtroopers walking in the water like the EW piece.
  • Two Imperial officers at a console looking very uncomfortable
  • Krennic with his head down standing in front of Death Star materials like the last trailer.
  • Desert type of planet–Jedha–a ship lands with four wings that unfold. There are buildings to the left while a Star Destroyer looms above
  • Pao opens his mouth to the camera during action
  • The four-winged ship explodes near the ground
  • Rebels (similar to the Endor soldier) duck from the blast
  • Krennic walking in the puddle with his white cape
  • Jyn and Cassian in disguise running down a dark hallway
  • Cloaked figure kneeling before the illuminated tube/tank (old shot)
  • Stormtroopers running down hallway of the train station set (old shot)
  • Baze running towards camera with gun from last trailer
  • Over-the-shoulder shot of Jyn turning around with Stormtroopers in front of her
  • Cassian running towards ramp under fire
  • Shot of Death Troopers
  • Close-up of Chirrut with water in the foreground
  • Chirrut using his stick on a dumb Stormtrooper
  • Star Destroyer in front of the Death Star
  • Death Star laser dish being put into Death Star orb, seen in last trailer
  • Death Star red stuff with Darth Vader breathing
  • Rogue One
  • December

And that’s what we didn’t see if we watched the live stream today. While it would be cool to see it, it really amounted to about a TV spot’s worth of information and new stuff.


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