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Alan Tudyk reveals new details about K-2SO from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

Entertainment Weekly continues itsRogue One week with new details on K-2SO. EW got the chance to interview Alan Tudyk where he dropped some interesting comments:

He has no filter. There was an old line, it’s not in there anymore…. I don’t think I can say it…” Tudyk presses his knuckles against his mouth, squints, is silent for a moment, then decides it’s safer not to share it.

Looks like Tudyk was talking about a line that was shot before the re-shoots. He goes on to talk about K-2SO’s connection with the Empire:

“He was a security droid in the Empire and they sort of enforce whatever needs to be enforced. They are imposing. He’s 7-foot-1, and follows orders pretty well. If you’re asked to be detained, he can detain you. They stand guard, and if somebody doesn’t mind them, they’ll…” Tudyk laughs. “They’ll enforce the sh– out of [people.]

We knew that K-2SO had a checkered past; now we know he was a security droid for the Empire. Tudyk also talks about K2’s relationship with Cassian Andor:

“They’ve been around. They’ve been together for a while, a couple years,” Tudyk says. “He wants what Cassian wants. He loves Cassian, because he freed him. It’s also more paternal in that [Cassian] gave him life and took away the bonds of his programming.”

So Cassian and K2 have been buddies for a while it seems. This next comment is very interesting as it has to do with a scene from the film:

“You do meet other Kaytoos and they don’t have as much free will. We see them, and … Yeah, that’s not him,” Tudyk says.

I’m personally very excited to see this scene. It would be so cool to see K-2SO vs. a bunch of Imperial Kaytoos. I don’t doubt that we will see that.


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