Check out the new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story figures!

Jedi Temple Archives just released details on some more Rogue Friday Rogue One figures.  These are from the 3.75″ range of figures. Check ’em out:


I love the Rogue One figures, especially the Deathtrooper/Pao two-pack, but the Poe Dameron and Snowtrooper set is just meh to me. Also revealed is the Stormtrooper electronic helmet, much like the Kylo Ren one from last year.


There will be a lot more available for Black Series and single carded 3.75″ figures that are yet to be revealed. All these Rogue One items will be available on September 30th during the second Force Friday that is now being called Rogue Friday. Stay tuned for more information on Rogue Friday.


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