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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story X-wing VR Mission Impressions


The press has had a chance to test-pilot the new Rogue One mission for Star Wars: Battlefront. The new mission uses the VR headset for the PS4 and allows for an entirely immersive experience. In short, this is as close to actually flying an X-wing you have ever been. They describe how you walk up to your X-wing with the help of a Dual Shock Controller. It sounds like you can inspect your ship before you hop in.

The Metro:

As we sit down and put on the PlayStation VR headset even the title screen is impressive, as a huge AT-AT walker strides in front of us and we gawp up at it by physically looking up instead of just moving a controller

They also go on to claim it to be the best thing ever made by a human.

IGN’s video impression:

I love that they mention you can look behind you and see your Artoo unit. Those kinds of things are going to make this a really unique experience.

It sounds like you are able to choose if you’re male or female. After that you’re flying next to a Rebel Blockade Runner and your crew going to the mission. The experience isn’t on rails, which means you can free roam in space and have a little freedom. Once you launch into combat you’re fighting waves of TIE fighters. The lighting also sounds cool as they noted when they fired their lasers you could see the lights in the cockpit and when ships were destroyed you could see the wreckage coming at you.

VR Headset

If you haven’t tried a VR headset yet, I really recommend trying it as soon as you can. A few tech demos I’ve tried really gave me the feeling of being at an amusement park almost. Because you can look around freely it can feel very real. The only downside to it is it will cost about $400. You can check out the headset here on Amazon. 

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