Yahoo exclusive: Disney Rogue One role-play and Rogue One Elite Series toys

Yahoo.com has an exclusive look at some more Rogue One: A Star Wars Story toys coming out next month, specifically the Rogue One Elite Series figures.

We got a brief glimpse at some of the new goodies in a stop-motion video released today by Disney and Lucasfilm. But Yahoo Movies has the exclusive first look at the line of Disney’s Rogue-ish role-playing gear, detailed 6.5-inch “Elite Series” fully articulated die-cast action figures, and a 10-character set that includes a certain Sith Lord you might have heard about.

This first wave of the Elite Series figures also includes a Jyn. Expect a second wave probably around Christmas.

Enjoy the images below. Thanks Yahoo for the first look! My son is definitely getting that Deathtrooper costume!


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