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A brief look at Star Wars: Episode VIII’s space bombs sequence

Please do not discuss the sequence mentioned on social media. We do not want anyone spoiled that doesn’t want to know anything from Star Wars: Episode VIII. Don’t put that on us, Ricky Bobby.
_1450744577Today we have a look at a scene shot at Pinewood Studios back in early May. The sequence featured some green screen extension, a CGI crowd, and rig removal. The scene features burning embers, smoke, and boom and bang FX in a hangar. We also have a look at the explosives from Star Wars: Episode VIII in the sequence discussed here. The prop is essentially a thermal detonator of some kind belonging to a group codenamed “The Grizzlies.” The “Sugar Cubes” and “The Grizzlies” needed up to an hour and a half to get dressed and be on set. It seems the “Sugar Cubes” are likely First Order Stormtroopers so the time to get ready isn’t that extensive considering what that would entail.

The sequence takes place in space and it appears either the First Order is boarding a Resistance Ship or a small band of Resistance fighters is boarding a First Order ship. Overshoes were required that day and in the past it was a thing needed to keep the black floors smudge-free. Another sequence I saw some footage from featured an explosion on a Resistance ship but overshoes were not required for that (for what that’s worth). Our best guess is the sequence involves Finn, Kelly Marie Tran’s character wearing a “medal,” and a resistance technician of some kind as they go up against a squad of First Order Stormtroopers on their ship.

Props needed for the sequence:

 213: INT. 100 ACRE WOOD – HANGER Grizzly weaponry, Cast 7 medallion, handcuffs, axes & mace, debris. Grizzly associated paraphernalia (clipboards, glasses, bags, headsets, grizzly bombs / grizzly belt with bombs attached.

100 Acre Wood is a codename in reference to Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, where that story takes place. The sequence featured 22 “Sugar Cubes” and five “Grizzlies.”  It appears to be a pretty action-packed sequence and 10 firemen were needed onset as a precaution.

We haven’t been able to confirm what everyone’s number associations are. The production dropped using terms like “Young Original Warrior” as they did for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and instead gave the cast numbers to make it harder to figure out. The scene involves Lamin Tamba (a stand-in for cast number 4).  You may remember that Lamin Tamba was rumored to be playing “Daika” but he denied the name to us. Karanja Yorke is the double for cast member 4. The role is apparently for a black male around 5 feet 10 inches tall. For this reason we think this could be John Boyega’s Finn who is only an inch shorter. Since he is cast member 4, an earlier number in the cast list, it makes sense as a good guess to us.

Seng Pin Lee is cast member 7’s Stand-in and Jennifer Li is the double for the same character. Based on the early cast number we also assume this to be Kelly Marie Tran’s character. (We do not assume every Asian actor in the film is Kelly Marie Tran’s character but once again, the early numerical association with the character leaves that as our best guess).

With them is cast member 18, Freddie Andrews (a stand-in) and Mark Slaughter (as cast member 18’s double). It appears either Finn or cast member 18 will wear a belt of these bombs during the sequence.

That day 10 extra costumes were also needed for the crowd.

The Prop Explosive:

Our best guess is the object is edited from an older prop and is probably based on the item Rey cleans in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (the novel says Rey is cleaning “a piece of salvaged electronics” on page 31). Obviously we have no idea if this prop will make it into an unfinished film but I appreciated a close look at a prop and artifact from Star Wars; Episode VIII. 

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