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Bradford Young will be the cinematographer for the standalone Han Solo film!

Today Chris Miller, one of the directors of the Han Solo Anthology film, shared a story from The Film Stage. The story confirms that directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord will team up with Bradford Young as their cinematographer (for our British friends) or their director of photography (for our American friends) for Han Solo: A Star Wars Story (or whatever Lucasfilm will call it).


The Film Stage:

Next up, Bradford Young, the immensely talented cinematographer behind Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Selma, and A Most Violent Year, has just secured his biggest gig yet. Kris Tabley has confirmed he’ll be shooting Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s Han Solo prequel film. Set to begin production in January ahead of a May 25, 2018 release, the film stars Alden Ehrenreich in the lead role, but no other casting has been confirmed.

It is interesting that the cinematographer for Selma is now working on a standalone Star Wars film. I am really digging that every Star Wars film isn’t going to look and feel the same. If you are completely unaware of Young’s work, check out and IMDb and start checking out his films. Selma and A Most Violent Year won’t let you down if you need a place to start.

Interestingly, it was just a while ago that J.J. Abrams suggested Selma director Ava DuVernay would be a great choice for a future Star Wars film:

“The knee-jerk reaction, if I had to, is Ava DuVernay, who I think would just kill it,” Abrams said in an interview with Nerdist‘s Dan Casey when asked which female writer/director he would choose to tackle the franchise.

She is as much a fan of genre movies, and hearing her talk about not just ‘Star Wars,’ but hearing her talk about those kinds of films is evidence that she would just kill it. When you look at her work in ‘Selma,’ which was as well-told and as sophisticated and humane a film as I think has come out in the last decade, if she can do that story that well, there’s no question she would kill this movie.”

I love where this Han Solo movie is going. Lawrence Kasdan and Jon Kasdan wrote the film. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing and now Bradford Young is the director of photography. Alden Ehrenreich is going to deliver as Han Solo, I know it.  That’s a pretty solid team and really helps brings the faith the film is going to kick ass. In around three months the movie will start rolling. I would say may the Force be with them, but it doesn’t sound like they’re going to need it. “Hokey religion” anyway….

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