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Empire speaks to Dave Filoni on how Star Wars Rebels intends to connect to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Empire Online has conducted an interview with executive producer Dave Filoni about where Star Wars Rebels is now and where it is going. The interview is one of the better interviews I’ve read on the series in a while and I suggest reading the entire interview.

How close are you to the time of Rogue One? Will any aspects of Rogue One will be connected to the show in the third season?

I would say that there will be things that definitely have influenced each other and have been definitely accounted for. Something that I’ve been interested in, is I’ve been aware of kind of the look of the film and the characters in the film for a while. If you look at Rogue One, it’s a much more gritty and very realistic-looking world and Rebels is a much more, when it starts out, colorful world. I’ve been slowly adapting, because I’ve been in the know, so that as we get closer to each other, things are going to naturally line up. I think our show will always be a bit more colorful, but it’s meant to be able to ingest the look of certain things that are happening in the film. I think that will be a lot of fun for people.

I almost feel like we’re starting to see those hints now. In the first episode of the season, the Y-wings had a style and a “filth” to them that I thought was rather cool and yet different from what the show had done in the past. I totally get what Filoni is saying that the show will always be sort of brighter because of the medium in which it is being produced. The interview also goes over the tricky terrain of having classic characters from the films as part of the series.

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