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Hasbro Q&A: Rogue One, Celebration exclusives, Luke, and more!


Recently, I was invited to a Google Plus Q&A with the Hasbro Star Wars brand team (was well as other members of the Star Wars media community). We all asked five or six questions each and got a lot of interesting answers regarding figures from Rogue One, The Force Awakens, and Rebels.

The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker will not be released till next year, possibly with the Episode VIII line launch.

•Thrawn should be released in the Rebels 3.75″ line when he makes his appearance in the show.

•A Celebration Orlando exclusive is planned, but no word yet if it’ll be in the 6″ or 3.75″ scale.

•Next week and the weeks to come we will be seeing a lot of Rogue One figure reveals.

•The Ahsoka 3.75″ Black Series wave should be hitting Wal-Mart stores soon.

•No Death Star playset is planned. (Asked by Jay C. from Jedi Insider.)

•Gregor and Wolffe from Rebels could be a possibility in the future to be released as 3.75″ figures.

My fellow co-host of “The Cargo Hold” and “First Order Transmissions,” Jayson, also got some cool answers:

•Wave 2 of the Rogue One 3.75″ and 6″ will not be available on September 30th, but will be shortly after.

•Next week we should be getting information on retail exclusive Rogue One figures.

•6″ Chirrut and Baze may be revealed next week as possible exclusives.

•Hasbro has some awesome plans for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.

The team showed off the awesome new Black Series Stormtrooper helmet which looked stunning. The team teased another helmet that will be revealed soon from the Black Series line. We would like to thank the PR team, as well as the Hasbro team, for inviting us to this event. You can pick up all the new Rogue One toys on Rogue Friday (or Go Rogue day?).

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