New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story giftware from Merchoid

Now for pre-order on Merchoid’s Web site is a new collection of giftware perfect for you and the upcoming holiday season.

Press Release

Birmingham, UK, September 14th 2016 – Following on from Merchoid’s Star Wars T-shirt collection reveal last week, the movie merchandise retailer has just unveiled their range of officially licensed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story giftware, which includes lights, keychains and 3D coasters and more. The centerpiece of the collection is a green and black 26cm LED light that features detailed plans to the iconic Death Star, a central part of the Rogue One story. The range is available to preorder at Merchoid now, starting from £7.99/€11,99/$11.99 and ships middle of October

Merchoid’s full Rogue One Giftware collection includes the Death Star Plans Light, a lava light inspired Galaxy Battle Light, a Death Trooper heat changing mug, 3D lenticular coasters featuring artwork from the film and two light up keychains based on the Death Trooper and Darth Vader.

Merchoid’s Community Manager, Jessica Adams explains “If you’re looking for Christmas presents for a Star Wars fan, you won’t go wrong with our Rogue One giftware collection. The Death Star Light is the best way to get your hands on the Death Star plans without risking the lives of many Bothans.”

Call me weird but I’m a fan of anything that lights up or does some kind of cool thing so this whole collection has me jazzed. The coasters are 3D, the keychains project light (😱) and the mug changes colors! Talk about making everyday gifts fresh and cool!

Check out the videos of the collection below and be sure to visit Merchoid to see these gifts as well as their entire Rogue One t-shirt collection, which is also for pre-order.

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