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New Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Trailer Surfaces!

Disney XD on twitter has released another Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer with a ton of new footage. In the last trailer we saw Kanan Vs Ezra, with Kanan’s eyes glowing green (nightsister magic?). Now we see Sabine is under the same trance battling Ezra with the Darksaber. I’m not a fan of the “music” of this trailer, I’d much rather prefer to see all these small tid bits on a Yost (he makes all the awesome Rebels/Clone Wars trailers for Lucasfilm) trailer like in the past. Check it out:

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 airs this Saturday at 8 PM EST on Disney XD. Make sure to tune in at 11:45 PM EST on Saturday after Rebels to see myself, Jason, and Sal’s breakdown of the episode on First Order Transmissions.

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