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Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Death Trooper Specialist

Sideshow Collectibles has just sent us the press kit for the first offering for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: the Premium Format Death Trooper Specialist!


Masterfully crafted to be movie-accurate, this elite soldier of Director Krennic™ is kitted out in specialized Stormtrooper™ armor which features:

  • Three-cell pouch located on the left shoulder
  • Fabric pauldron on the right shoulder
  • Reinforced helmet with composite armor

The Death Trooper Specialist’s armor sits atop a detailed body suit and is accented by a fabric tactical chest rig that holds sculpted grenades and other accessories – including a thermal detonator.

Rounding out the Death Trooper Specialist’s armament is a blaster and a side arm blaster pistol. The Sideshow Exclusive Death Trooper Specialist Premium Format Figure also includes a modified DLT-19 blaster rifle.

All of this is paired with an environmental base modeled after the ground of a planet far, far away.

star-wars-rogue1-death-trooper-specialist-02 star-wars-rogue1-death-trooper-specialist-03 star-wars-rogue1-death-trooper-specialist-04


Wow, this figure is amazing! The detail compared to what we’ve seen in trailers is astounding! Well done, Sideshow Collectibles.

The Death Trooper Specialist Premium Format Figure is now available for pre-order at


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