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Star Wars Rebels season 3: Hera and Thrawn clip

Entertainment Weekly has the latest details on Star Wars Rebels Season 3. They have a really cool clip of Ezra, Hera, and Thrawn. 


Dave Filoni also talks to EW about Thrawn studying Sabine’s artwork:

“It’s something for him to dissect,” Filoni says. “He’ll bring [fellow Rebel hunter] Kallus into his office and be like, ‘What do you make of this Agent Kallus?’ And almost like a Banksy, he’s removed Sabine’s art work from a wall and brought it into his office. He has the whole wall relief sitting there and he’s like, ‘Look at this, what do you think this means?’”

Filoni also talks about getting Lars Mikkelson to voice Thrawn:

“I needed an actor that could bring this kind of marvelous intellect and I wanted a voice that wasn’t just another British officer,” Filoni says. “He’s this really evil character that is just dripping with intellect and you’re like, ‘Wow, he’s going to see right through me.’ But Lars couldn’t be a more fun, happy guy to be involved with Star Wars. He’s so excited about it and he will do it again and again, and he wants to get it right. I love that in an actor, when there’s that enthusiasm.”

Star Wars Rebels returns this Saturday at 8 PM EST on Disney XD.

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