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Take a look at the new Phantom from Star Wars Rebels!


If you watched the latest Star Wars Rebels episode, “Steps into Shadow”, then you know that we lost the Ghost crew’s second ship, the Phantom. Recently a Lego Star Wars winter set leaked online featuring a new and updated Phantom. Along with the leaked set images were some images of the new Phantom from the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 trailer. Take a look:

img_3654 img_3657

The Phantom reminds me of those old Nemodian ships from The Clone Wars. I don’t want to be to quick to judge but I do prefer the older model better, as it had a really cool vintage feel to it. Regardless, I still like this model. The other difference is the Phantom now docks more on top of the Ghost, where as the older model docked inside. Hopefully this warrants a new Hasbro Phantom to be released soon. Let’s hope the Ghost is not the next victim of a ship being destroyed. Star Wars Rebels airs every Saturday night at 8:30 PM EST on Disney XD.

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