“The Cantina Cast” #142 Rebels and Rogue One news

After a rough week in their personal lives the guys jump behind the mics and forget about real life for an hour and talk Rogue One and Rebels news.
In this episode:
  • Disney shows of the good for Force Friday/Rogue Friday
  • What merchandise caught the guys’ attention?
  • Star Wars Rebels character descriptions
  • Will Rebels make it to a 5th season speculation
  • Rebels season 3 “Enter Thrawn” trailer
  • Could Maul be considered a Rebel?
  • Mark Hamill shaves his beard and the episode VIII and IX rumors start
  • Ian McDiarmid will not be in Rogue One
  • Rogue One‘s new astromech droid is reveled
  • Star Wars Catalyst novel synopsis
  • ***Episode VIII speculation*** (potential spoilers)
  • More The Force Awakens quotes

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Visit the podcast network page to find where to subscribe!


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