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That Rebel Leader in the Rogue One Trailer Has a Name

Entertainment Weekly has some new details on an interesting fan theory about that gruff rebel leader in the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailers.

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A couple of popular theories have been making the rounds about the character. Some think he’s Agent Kallus from Star Wars Rebels while others have imagined him as Admiral Motti acting as a double agent. While we all know it’s fun to speculate and theorize, Rogue One director Gareth Edwards has made it known there’s no connection between this character and any other part of the Star Wars canon.

The actor’s physical similarities to Agent Kallus on the animated Star Wars: Rebels show led some to wonder if the deadly insurgent-hunter eventually switched sides, with Petrie playing an older version of him on the big screen.

Like most fan theories, it was fun while it lasted. But Rogue One director Gareth Edwards says no, Petrie is simply playing an Alliance leader we haven’t seen before. “His name’s General Draven,” Edwards says.

The filmmaker was surprised that wasn’t already widely known. “It’s no official secret,” he says. “Sometimes I read stuff online like it’s this big thing that’s been leaked, and I thought, ‘Oh, I thought people knew that.’”

Hey Gareth, if you’re not sure if we know something or not, you know where to reach us to clear things up.

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