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Darth Vader in Rogue One to A New Hope costume comparison

Star Wars Lifesized has sent us this photo comparison of Darth Vader from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to showcase the differences in the costume from the current film to the original film. As you can see, the costume the made by SWL is modeled and built from the original parts when possible. There were changes to the Rogue One version of the suit from the suit we saw in A New Hope. The version of the suit I saw a while ago is a mismatch of these parts. The costume combination I saw was a lot better than the one from the Rogue One standee.

rogue-one-vader-comp-2 rogue-one-vader-comp1
It is kind of a mystery to me why the codpiece is so strange on the Rogue One version. They should try to get the guy from SWL to consult for Darth Vader in the future as their suit is really impressive and sourced from original parts when possible, from what I understand.

Working from memory, I recall seeing various different pieces of the costume in different test photos but there wasn’t anything as strange as that Vader crotch and the cape is drastically different as well. In the quality photography I saw sometime ago, the tabards went under the shoulder armor but not here. We think we have an explanation for that but until we can verify that rumor it doesn’t really quality as a satisfactory answer for the inaccuracy. But then again, I guess Darth Vader doesn’t own just one suit and maybe he likes to change it up from day to day. So far the products released have been wildly inconsistent as well concerning how Vader wears his clothes.

On a side note, while checking out all the awesome work over there I saw this impressive Yoda reproduction they did too:

Someone hire this guy for a Star Wars film already! The work is fantastic. I look forward to seeing more of his projects in the future and we thank him for the heads-up as his work deserves to be seen.

(via SWL)

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