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Interactive Star Wars Timelines

New Website Offers Interactive Chronological Timelines of Star Wars Media

Recently launched website, provides fans with easy-to-follow timelines of popular fandoms. Of particular note are the Star Wars timelines, for both the new canon and Legends. If you’ve ever wanted to read all of the new canon in chronological order, you might like this site. All Timelines attempts to assemble a list that provides a convenient reading/viewing order of media. Unlike some other fan timelines, it doesn’t attempt to split up a book or film to categorize every flashback or jump in time, which can get far too complicated for someone who just wants to read it all. 

Star Wars Timelines at

The Star Wars canon timeline gets updated every 1-2 months, so it’s fairly up-to-date. Additionally, these timelines provide an interactive element. Users can filter out various types of media or columns. Users may also sort by date, author, name, platform, etc. That means if you want to know the order of just the novels, or you don’t want to read the short stories, you can filter the timeline to reflect that. You could also assemble the list by publication date by sorting the year column.

The site launched in March 2016 with a large number of timelines to start with. If you’re a fan of something besides Star Wars, you might find other timelines to your liking. More timelines join the site on a weekly basis. The blog also adds new content each week. You can find a list of recent additions and updates on the homepage, or you can subscribe to the newsletter to keep up with everything new on the site.


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