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New character images from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

We uncovered a few new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story images from some of the new Topps paches and life-size standees. First up we have Moroff (let’s be honest, he looks like a awesome baby Wampa):


The next character is another new Astromech droid. Its name is R2-BHD:


Next up we have some Topps Rogue One patches from the new set that dropped yesterday. The first character is a blue Mon Cala named Admiral Raddus:


This next character is a new droid called “L-1 Droid.” I don’t recall ever seeing a droid like this in the previous films or animated shows, so this is most likely a brand-new design:


The next few images are of previously announced characters such as Bistan and Two Tubes; nonetheless they are new images:


img_3734 img_3753 img_3754 img_3755 img_3756 img_3757 img_3758 img_3759 img_3760 img_3761


We are now only two months away from Rogue One hitting theaters. We are so close!

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