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New Star Wars Products Available at Disney Parks This Fall!

The Disney Parks Blog announced today several Star Wars-related products hitting parks soon, including an incredible bluetooth Imperial Comlink, a remote-controlled Mouse Droid and new holiday-related R2 units for the Droid Factory.  It’s really an amazing time to be living as a fan when all these incredible items that were in our favorite films can be replicated as toys.  The idea that we can have a Mouse Droid and a BB-8 rolling around our houses while we talk on a Comlink is just incredible.

Check out the gallery of upcoming items below and head over to the Disney Parks Blog for additional information.  For those of you who don’t live near a Disney Park: 1) WHY? and 2) it’s possible that some items may be available via the Shop Disney Parks app, so keep your eyes peeled there as well.




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