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Star Wars: Rogue One: Catalyst chapter sample!

USA Today has a brief excerpt from chapter five of the new Star Wars: Rogue One: Catalyst novel coming next month. The book is substantial because it ties directly into Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They promise we will gain insight into the characters and Jyn if we read this book before we see the film. Author James Luceno has never let me down before, so I’m all in. I love it when the books and the films weave into one another like this.


The sample chapter features Dr. Galen Erso and his wife Lyra Erso in danger during the Clone Wars with a baby Jyn in their arms. Krennic is strangely the savior of the family in this instance. However, he does a very dark thing, showing him to be a by-the-book kind of guy that will do incredibly horrible things to people in his opposition on the battlefield.

Check out the sample and brief interview with Pablo Hidalgo comparing the Death Star project to the Manhattan Project and more here. Preorder Star Wars: Rogue One: Catalyst

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