The First Two Days of New York Comic Con!


Day 2 of New York Comic Con has completed and there have definitely been some noteworthy Star Wars moments!  The big event on the first day was Hasbro’s Star Wars panel.  Here, they discussed things like the Black Series products and even answered some questions.  For more on that, check out this post.

Day 2’s big Star Wars event was the Star Wars Writers’ Roundtable, featuring Timothy Zahn, Chuck Wendig, Charles Soule, James Luceno, E. K. Johnston, and Kieron Gillen.  Their discussions ranged from the best inspirations to the hardest parts of writing for Star Wars.  In addition, we got some tidbits from a couple of the authors.  Most notably, Zahn mentioned that he would like to write more on Palpatine in the future.

As far as future production goes, they mentioned at the panel that there will be a new Jyn Erso young adult novel in the spring, as well as one about Chirrut and more (coming sometime later).  Also, they hinted at some “legendary talent” to make a return, or multiple people returning, for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars next year.

If you’re heading to NYCC this weekend, there’s still plenty of Star Wars for you!  For example, on Saturday, Rogue One‘s Alan Tudyk will have his own panel on the Main Stage!  There are also panels on things such as the science behind Star Wars.  Of course, this is all in addition to the numerous booths and cosplayers you will find all decked out in Star Wars!

For live updates from NYCC, keep an eye on my Twitter feed and also check out my tweets from the previous panels!

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