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The Monday Morning Copilot: Star Wars Rebels Big Screen Guest Stars


In this week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels we got the introduction of two more guest stars from the films in Wedge and Hobbie. They follow in the footsteps of Bail Organa, Lando, Leia, Yoda, and Vader in making the leap from the big screen to the small screen. Which leads me to wonder who could be next:

The Asterisks: Obi-Wan and Palpatine

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Emperor Palpatine have already appeared in Star Wars Rebels from a certain point of view.

Of the two it is hardest to fit Palpatine into the story in a significant way given the realities of the show and where Palpatine is at this point in the story. We can’t have him facing off against the crew of the Ghost directly because he would annihilate them. At the same time it seems unlikely we could have a Palpatine side adventure episode, something along the lines of Paul Kemp’s Lords of the Sith, since Rebels is much more focused on its central cast than The Clone Wars was.

Obi-Wan seems to be an inevitability. While actor James Arnold Taylor has given no hints that he is set to reprise his role on the show, his inclusion in the premiere in hologram form and the recent events of season 3 suggest that it is a near certitude that Obi-Wan will return. It will be interesting to see if they use the character model they developed for the hologram message or if a new more weathered and weary Obi-Wan will appear (I would bet on the latter). Like a moth to a flame it seems Maul cannot help but be pulled towards Obi-Wan and oblivion, and Obi-Wan is just gentleman enough to oblige.

The Imperials: Accents Required

There are not a lot of Imperials I would care to see show up in Rebels. But some that could be interesting are General Cassio Tagge, Wulff Yularen, General Veers, and Lorth Needa as a junior officer.

Tagge, given his survival of the Death Star and more significant role in the comics, Yularen for his TCW ties, Veers because he is seemingly the one competent Imperial, and Needa perhaps getting his first promotion would all be little inclusions that would make me smile.

The Rebels: The Greats and the Grunts

There are a number of Rebels I expect we could see on the show. Original trilogy stalwarts such as Mon Mothma and Admiral Ackbar seem like obvious choices to appear at some point. We already had one Mon Calamari appear last season. We have seen Bail as the highest-ranking Rebel in the show so far but his peer Mon Mothma has not been seen. Given Mothma’s appearance in Rogue One it would make sense that she could also show up in Rebels and seemingly wouldn’t be to hard to have the actress come in for ADR on the film and on the same trip go in and record some dialogue for TV.

I also think that if we do get Ackbar in the series it is highly likely that we would see the new Mon Calamari character Admiral Raddus as well. Raddus is set to appear in Rogue One and it would seem like an obvious opportunity to link the OT, Rogue One, and Rebels. The inclusion of Diego Luna’s Captain Cassian Andor is also another opportunity to give the film character a richer backstory and increase the prominence of Star Wars Rebels within the perspective of Star Wars film fans. Luna could be one of the Fulcrums or simply cross paths with the cast of Rebels on a mission.

In this week’s “Rebels Recon” it was revealed that they had discussions about including Biggs in this episode. Since I am all for awesome space mustaches and capes I hope that at some point down the road Biggs does appear.

The other Yavin pilot I would really like to see appear is Porkins. As a husky individual myself it is nice to see a man of substantial presence in a heroic role instead of not on-screen or simply as a comedic punch line. Porkin’s time on the big screen was brief and dynamic, like a shooting star. Now let’s give the man his turn in the spotlight.

Finally since we already have A-wings in the series, how can we not have Granny A-wing appear–she spends her days blasting Imperials to space dust and her nights giving the rest of the squadron blue milk and cookies?



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