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Another excerpt from Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel

Another excerpt from the highly anticipated Rogue One novel Catalyst has come to us via Entertainment Weekly today. This one gives us a little more about the Erso family before Jyn and her father Galen end up aiding the rebellion in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Anthony Breznican has a cool theory about this novel’s impact on later Star Wars events.

In this excerpt from the book, Galen reflects on the tensions with his wife, Lyra, and the distance that has arisen between him and young Jyn.

A theory: Jyn’s storybook involves a character seeking treasure, who then launches herself to freedom up a channel that rises through eight subterranean levels to the surface. What goes up could also come down. So is this perhaps an inspiration for Galen to create the portal that allows Luke Skywalker to later destroy the Emperor’s weapon of mass destruction?

Here’s a small tease but you can read the full excerpt at Entertainment Weekly.

Sitting hunched on the couch in their residence in the facility, Galen looked up from his notebook in recognition of the fact that he and Jyn were actually occupying the same room—an infrequent event in the wake of renewed tension between him and Lyra.  She had her sketch screen in her lap and was working furiously on a creating an image of some sort, speaking quietly but animatedly to herself while she worked the controls and drew her forefinger across the screen.

Galen had his own small datapad in hand and was working on an equation he had been struggling with for weeks.  Having found a way to alter the internal structure of the crystals, the kybers seemed in turn to have found a way to alter his.  Despite not having heard from Orson, a new sense of urgency had crept into the research, as if someone or something was whispering to him to hurry, hurry …

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