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Composer Michael Giacchino wrote an original opening theme for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

In continuing with its Rogue One coverage, Entertainment Weekly has a really good and really long interview with the new composer on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Michael Giacchino.

You must read the entire interview, but the most interesting things are what little Giacchino gives away about how different this score will be from the saga films.

Can you describe the opening title theme? Do you use elements of his work there?
It’s done slightly differently here because it’s not one of the saga films, it’s not one of the trilogies. It’s sort of its own thing and the whole idea from the very beginning was these should be standalone movies. So it’s going to be a slightly different way to get things kicked off.

The opening of Star Wars films has become so iconic and so important to the fans that it will surely be an interesting–and I’d bet, revitalizing–feeling, to hear a new take on the opening of the Star Wars score.

Giacchino did speak a bit about the handoff between him and Alexandre Desplat (most that he did not even hear of Desplat’s work) and it does lend some more credibility to reports that extensive and unusual reshoots on Rogue One were the reason for Desplat’s exit.

Can you explain why there was a hand-off from Alexandre?
I’ll tell you, I actually don’t know an awful lot about that. [The filmmakers] were like, “Do you want to know what happened?” And my response was, “You know what, when this is all over we can sit and talk and have a drink and you can tell me whatever you want. I’d love to hear the story. But for right now I feel like I’d rather just pretend nothing happened and everything is good and I’m just going to come onto this.” And they were like, “Fair enough, fair enough.” So honestly, I don’t know anything about it other than what was purportedly, you know, “schedule issues.”

When we previously told you about Alexandre Desplat not being nailed down for Rogue One  we heard that there were two other composers that Disney was looking at. Desplat did however confirm that he was working on Rogue One and we know he did get a credit on the trailer for the film.

Please go and read the rest of the interview with Giacchino over a EW. It’s good.

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