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Rebel Grrrl Episode 55 – Jameswhynot and Stephaniebyday

Happy Thanksgiving to our U.S. listeners!

On this episode:

  • This episode is two hours!
  • We are joined by friends and artists James and Stephanie!
  • James tells us about his independent comic Bolts and everything that went into making it!
  • Rogue One composer Michael Giachinno talks about the hand-off between him and Alexandre Desplat
  • Biggs and Porkins will cameo in Rogue One
  • Some minor info. on supporting characters from 15 new Rogue One images
  • Kathleen Kennedy talks the future of Star Wars after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and supporting female directors for Star Wars
  • Emilia Clarke cast in the Han Solo standalone film
  • A look at Disney Parks’ Star Wars Land at night and an update to Star Tours
  • Listener questions!
  • Spoilery discussion of Rogue One: Catalyst

Look at this amazing Maz Kanata painting by Shaanti Williams!


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