“The Cantina Cast” Episode 152: The Force Awakens, One Year Later


#152: The Force Awakens, One Year Later

Mike and Joao go old-school “Cantina Cast” in this episode and have a fun, relaxing time discussing a handful of Star Wars topics.
In this episode:
  • Darth Maul gets a new comic series
  • More Rogue One commercials
  • Listener feedback topic: Who would Darth Sidious want as an apprentice? Rey or Kylo?
  • Main Topic: The Force Awakensone year later
  • The numbers
  • What have we learned?
  • What do we still not know?
  • Have the opinions changed about The Force Awakens?

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Tune in next week for our thoughts on Emilia Clarke and the final hype of Rogue One!  Be sure to keep up with our Twitter and you can see when we go live on YouTube to record the show!


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