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Donnie Yen discusses Chirrut Imwe during the Rogue One Hong Kong press junket

The Rogue One: A Star Wars Story press tour hit its stride this week with a variety of interviews and events. Few noticed that it actually kicked off last month with a press junket in Hong Kong featuring Donnie Yen. The folks at Geek Culture covered the event and had the opportunity to interview Yen.

You can watch the highlight video below and be sure to head over to Geek Culture for additional details. Some highlights include:

  • Yen says that he feels proud to be in Star Wars and that having been in the industry a long time, Asians have proven that they’re as good as anybody.
  • Chirrut Imwe is very connected to the Force and many of his lines relate to the Force.
  • Yen did a lot of research to make Chirrut a character who is fun, unique, and special.
  • We will see a lot of Donnie Yen in Chirrut Imwe.
  • Lucasfilm sent over the actual fabrics used in his costume to let Yen and his family create a special Halloween costume for his son.
  • And the money quote: “I think Chirrut, if you give him a lightsaber, he’ll take on Darth Vader.”

Thanks to the folks at Geek Culture for sending us this great information!

Yen and his wife posted additional photos of the event, which heavily featured Hot Toys and their incredible life-size Chirrut Imwe figure:

Yen also posted this cool clip of the event on Facebook:




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