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Sal’s impressions of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

So Saturday I was lucky enough to watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at the world premiere in Los Angeles.

I wrote about the amazing experience over at TheRogueRebels.com so check that out for more pics from the night! I don’t want to spoil anyone’s experience being this close to the gate so I thought I’d just give you all my impressions and thoughts.

So if you’re ready, here I go…


Rogue One is definitely the most badass Star Wars movie thus far. From tone, look, and attitude, this flick swings from the rafters.

In one word?


The choices and storytelling of this movie are bold and a strong departure from what we’re used to while still maintaining that Star Wars look and feel. The characters are very well done and each one gets to really shine; it’s wonderfully balanced storytelling that gives everyone his/her due. The film LOOKS AMAZING. All those sexy shots from the trailers are there and the galaxy is wide and sweeping. There were some very nice music cues that to me fit somewhere right in that spot between Star Wars Rebels and A New Hope.  The action is ON FIRE! The actions scenes move and are very well put together (I bet having a Donnie Yen on set helps. Right, Ron?)

All that packed in with a few bonus cameos, space battling, and superlasers definitely puts this flick high on my list.

If I had to compare I would say this.

The Force Awakens was a great movie that brought us back to the familiarity of everything we’ve loved about Star Wars since the beginning. Rogue One breaks the conventions of what Star Wars is and is beautiful for all the opposite reasons. This is not a sweeping opera of destiny and archetypes. This is a story of hope, unity, and courage. This is a story of what it takes to make a real difference when the entire world is against you. This is a story that needs to be told and heard in our world now.

“Save the Rebellion! Save the dream!” – Saw Gerrera

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