“The Cantina Cast” 158: Rogue One Jedha breakdown & the morality of the Death Star


(This episode was recorded last Friday, so the thoughts on Carrie are very much out of date. We will be giving our thoughts and remembering Carrie very soon. Thanks for understanding and MTFBWY)

In this episode Mike and Joao return to what they do best and break down things from Star Wars. Hold on tight because Mike and Joao take on a tough subject in this episode.

In this episode:

  • Carrie Fisher
  • Gareth Edwards comments on the original screenplay for Rogue One
  • More in-depth analysis on the Planet Jedha from Rogue One
  • Main topic: the morality of the Death Star
  • Comparing Galen Erso to Robert Oppenheimer
  • The Telemark raiders compared to Jyn Erso’s squad
  • Comparing the atomic bombs to the Death Star
  • Comparing the Cold War to the galaxy far, far away
  • The morality of using the Death Star/nuclear weapons 

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