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ABC News video shows K-2SO and Cassian alternate fate from Star Wars: Rogue One? Now with alternate footage.

In a new video from ABC News, Clayton Sandell dives into the creation of K-2SO from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The footage shown is really interesting because it appears to show Cassian either dead or unconscious and K2 getting shot to death outside the bunker. He of course goes out in style in the data vault, so this changes the location of his demise. If you remember we saw Alan Tudyk in motion capture gear running on the beach with the crew in the behind-the-scenes featurette from last year, so clearly his character had a slightly different detour to death before scenes were shifted around.

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Another fun fact from the video is that K2’s joints were inspired by Star Tours. The ABC videos are rocking it. Just last week they showed us test footage of Leia and Tarkin on the Death Star together and now apparently some very different work for Cassian and K2 which shows how different the film was during one phase of production.

Update: Another video was sent to us with some cool alternate footage from this day on the set. Unfortunately the video had to be taken down but we were able to grab some screenshots to share with you K-2SO fans!

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