“Blue Harvest” Episode 86: Space Ashes

Hawes and Will are joined this week by Hawes’ wonderful fiance Jessie McGarity as they discuss all of the newest developments in the world of Star Wars.

  • Episode VIII has a title, The Last Jedi! What does it mean? Is Jedi meant to be plural? What do we think of the title in general?
  • Hawes loves the amount of discussion that comes from three small worlds and a change of font color.
  • Two new Rogue One prequel books have been announced–one covering the earlier years of Jyn Erso, and one detailing the adventures of Chirrut and Baze.
  • The latest episode of Rebels (“Trials of the Darksaber”) was excellent and a certain host of the podcast is all about the concept of a Jedi Mandalorian
  • Hawes has some interesting ideas about what he wants done to his remains after he passes away. Will and Jessie don’t agree.

Listener e-mail and voice messages are discussed.

  • Steve, who created the amazing Ki Adi theme song, finally has a great nickname on the show. Steve Adi Mundi!
  • Will Star Wars ever use something besides an orchestral score?
  • Will we see Luke Skywalker in Rebels? (We hope not.)
  • Further “guilty pleasure” album talk
  • What’s the deal with the container of ashes that Kylo Ren keeps in his room?
  • Will Thrawn ultimately wipe out the Mandalorians that Sabine recruits to the Rebellion?
  • What are our feelings about Kylo Ren now that The Force Awakens has been out for over a year?

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