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Empire Magazine exclusive: 13 Rogue One reveals from director Gareth Edwards

Our friends at Empire Magazine have a really cool exclusive out now where Rogue One director Gareth Edwards reveals some really interesting facts about the film and the process of filming it. He even delves a bit into why so many shots are in marketing for the film that were not in the movie!

Here’s one of the cooler facts, but go and check out the full article at Empire for the rest of the reveals!

9. Peter Jackson watched the Vader scene being filmed

We were at Pinewood, and Peter Jackson was in town. And we were like, “oh we should get Peter along, we should try and get him to come.” I was there, about to shoot that scene, and I thought, “ahh, you know what, screw it”, and I just wrote an email saying, ‘Peter, about to film Darth Vader if you want to come, it’s happening now’, and he’s like, ‘I’ll be there in half an hour!’ And then he perfectly timed it, he walked in literally for that shot where it goes from darkness to the lightsaber turning on. Whatever I do in my career, whatever happens next, it’s gonna be hard to top the honour of getting to direct that scene.

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