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Hallmark ornament reveals Rey’s outfit from Star Wars: Episode VIII?

Earlier this morning, an Instagram user shared a picture of upcoming Hallmark ornaments, including one exciting reveal. The picture itself is pretty blurry but you can still make out who it is. The ornament is non other than Rey, but not in her traditional Jakku outfit or Resistance outfit. She is wearing a black sleeveless outfit, a belt, some type of pack on her lower left leg, and boots. Her hair also looks to be down rather than the three buns design we are used to seeing. This leads me to believe that this is our first look at Rey from Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Images removed per request. 

Another interesting thing to note is that Rey is wielding a blue lightsaber. It’s too blurry to tell if it’s Anakin’s or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. We also see a Luke Skywalker ornament, which looks pretty sweet. All of these ornaments are due out in July which surprises me at how fast we are getting an Episode VIII ornament. I’m assuming the full reveal of Rey will happen at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, alongside Finn, Poe, and more. The ramp up to Episode VIII is really getting its gears going now!

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