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Han Solo production to shoot at Spain’s Canary Islands?

Apparently the untitled Han Solo film may be filming in Fuerteventura (and Spain and Italy) according to a Spanish blog. SWNN says their friends say the site is credible. Paul Bateman wrote on Twitter:”Han Solo to film in Fuerteventura” and shared a nice link to the location on Google.

At first glance it might make people think of Scarif but once they dress it up to be a pirate location or something it probably will be feel completely different. The film is supposed to have a Frederic Remington palate which you can see in that location as well.

This location is news to us but the idea of piers and docks are not and this location seems to interface with some stranger one-off things we’ve seen from Han Solo so far. That stuff was sort of like a few paintings for the “Exotic City” that was done for Episode VII but it was still very different. That said, any  mention of Fuerteventura is news to us!

Tumblr user starwarshyperdrive reached out to us with these amazing photos of the location that he took when he visited in 2012. Check out the awesome photos on his Tumblr where you can really see how different it looks from Rogue One‘s Scarif.

The Han Solo film starts shooting next month.

Check out the location link Bateman shared here.

(Via SWNN)

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