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Is Disney in talks with Carrie Fisher’s estate for more CGI Leia?

I’m quite hesitant to even report on this since I haven’t been able to watch the source material myself, so bear with me.

BBC television program BBC Newsnight aired a segment recently on the CGI characters in Rogue One and may have spoken to more CGI Leia in our future.

Star Wars News Net extracted the following quote from the video:

“And if what might be regarded as unseemly haste, Disney is negotiating with the actor’s estate over her continued appearance in the franchise. If Disney gets the go-ahead, Carrie Fisher will join Peter Cushing…”

The rest of the quote is as follows:

“…who last month, 15 years after his death. played a key role in Rogue One as Grand Moff Tarkin. With computers, anything is possible but is it desirable?”

Most are inclined to imagine this deal could secure a CGI appearance of General Leia in the upcoming Episode IX. While not my particular desire, I do believe Disney, Lucasfilm, and ILM would handle the matter with the utmost care. However, the likelihood of CGI Leia in IX is still one of the farthest possibilities at the particular juncture. Rather, Disney is probably trying to secure Carrie Fisher’s likeness to recreate the character for other material such as more appearances in Star Wars Rebels, or the upcoming Star Wars land Disney Parks attractions.

Whatever the case for these discussions (if they are even happening) my hope is that Disney and Carrie’s estate puts the comfort of her family first. I’ll admit I’m a selfish Star Wars fan at times; I’d like to see Hayden Christensen return to the franchise even if he doesn’t want anything to do with it. But Carrie Fisher was such an uncompromising soul and her family is so dear to many of us fans, that I hope their comfort and happiness is taken into account when considering the future of Leia.


(via HeroicHollywood)

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