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Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest teases first look at Star Wars: Episode VIII

Mark Hamill’s “Pop Culture Quest” has teased an upcoming first look at Star Wars: Episode VIII. There is no firm time for the content to hit or hints at what the first look will entail.

The tweet:

We should probably keep our expectations in check because at this juncture getting any look at Star Wars: Episode VIII is a bonus. What could it be? We will keep our eyes open for it. EDIT: It could be a clever troll as it will be the eighth episode of “Pop Culture Quest”. Using the Star Wars promo logo does imply it is for Star Wars.

“Pop Culture Quest” is Mark Hamill’s collecting show. “Pop Culture Quest” is a new series NOW STREAMING on Comic-Con HQ.

That time Hamill promised an Episode VIII trailer glimpse:

It is still funny. C’mon. You know it is.


Mark Hamill got us:

And he liked it:

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