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Rumor: Could the untitled Star Wars: Han Solo stand-alone see a December 13th, 2018 release date?

A new article from Screen Rant delves into Star Wars: Rogue One’s success in the final quarter of 2016. Star Wars has had two releases in December which have both been widely successful. Rogue One has passed up Captain America: Civil War which is good news for us Star Wars fans that want more Star Wars films with healthy budgets and effort on behalf of the studio.

Screen Rant writes:

The combined performances of The Force Awakens and Rogue One illustrate Disney was smart to shift this year’s Star Wars: Episode VIII from May to December, where they should be able to replicate this success.

Interestingly, over the holiday, our sources in the theater industry have received a release date of December 13th, 2018 for Star Wars: Han Solo. We are not saying the release date has changed but it could signify that a release date shift for Star Wars: Han Solo is in the works. The paperwork states the release date is subject to change for Han Solo. It was strange to hear that from disparate sources in the theater industry, but at the same time there’s a variety of factors that could have caused a mistake to occur (see products that assume Rey’s last name is Skywalker). Some dates on some paperwork sent to corporate does not conclusively mean the release date for the untitled Star Wars: Han Solo stand-alone has changed. Often where there’s smoke there’s fire so we’re sharing the information in case the story does develop.

If you want to get conspiratorial, only the July 7th press release for Christopher Miller and Phil Lord directing the untitled Han Solo film has a May release date. The press releases for Emilia Clarke in November and Donald Glover in October both used a general “The untitled Han Solo movie is set for release in 2018” which suggests a less than firm release date for the film. However, these were written with two Star Wars films waiting to be release before Han Solo and maybe they didn’t feel the need to be specific at that time.

Star Wars: Han Solo’s official release date is May 25th, 2018. The rumored release date change is December 13th, 2018. Consider the release date shift a fun rumor for now. These sources have given us solid information that has panned out many times. At the same time, things are subject to change at the drop of a dime and sometimes the paperwork is just plain wrong.


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