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Rumors on Star Wars: Episode VIII’s TIE fighters!

While we just shared a new rumor today about something that takes flight on Ahch-To, now we have another rumor or two on something that takes flight for the First Order. The second rumor of the day is about TIE fighters and the First Order.

We’ve heard a credible rumor that in Star Wars: Episode VIII Kylo Ren has a personal ship. The ship, like some of his new costume, will seem a little familiar as it is a First Order TIE Advanced. His ship is slightly unlike his grandfather’s used in the attack against the rebels at the Death Star trench. The fuselage is sort of pill-shaped like the TIE Striker in Rogue One. They actually built the ship physically at Pinewood according to our friends near the sets. We’ve also heard Kylo Ren has a cape inspired by Darth Vader in VIII, so it isn’t that big of a stretch to imagine he has a similar (albeit more modern) ride that matches his love for Darth Vader.

Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced in A New Hope:

The ships design is said to be very similar to this piece of concept art from The Force Awakens we shared back in July of 2015:


HoundsTooth points us towards a story at StarWarsAwakens which states that a LEGO set is coming for  a First Order TIE bomber:

Next Force Friday, you will be able to find First Order TIE Bombers at your local Lego supplier. Force Friday Lego sets aren’t always a guarantee for a major role in the film… but the vehicle will no doubt at least be clearly visible at some point.

From the sounds of things we will have a TIE Advanced and TIE bombers in Star Wars: Episode VIII. We’ve heard of an interesting new planet in Episode VIII and wonder if we will see Kylo Ren lead the TIE bombers there in his TIE Advanced? It is nice to know we have some fancy new TIEs for the new First Order Stormtroopers. More soon!

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