Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End excerpt features Lando and Lobot

The final book in the Star Wars: Aftermath series hits bookshelves next month, and I09 has the first excerpt from Empire’s End featuring Lando and Lobot. Check out a snippet of the preview:

Lobot, we’re home.” Lando lifts a dubious eyebrow as he looks around, exasperated. “Guess the Empire didn’t keep up with house­keeping.” This is the Casino level. Game machines line the smooth blue alac­tite floors far as the eye can see. Sabacc tables, too. And pazaak. And jubilee wheels. Along the far wall are banks of holoprojectors meant to show the latest swoop race down on the track-tubes piped through Bespin’s toxic Red Zone atmosphere. Once, this was a shining pillar of gambling excess: classy and bright with light coming in through win­dows looking out over the sun-kissed clouds. Now it’s wrecked. Trash drifts and tumbles. Machines have been turned over, their credits cut from inside like food from a beast’s belly. The windows are covered over with metal. The holoprojectors are dark. Lobot steps up alongside Lando. The computer forming a half-moon around the back of the man’s bald head blinks and pulses, and at Lando’s wrist is a communication from his friend and cohort: I’ll look into rehiring staff immediately.”

Lando saying “Lobot, we’re home  is a nice callback to the “Chewie, we’re home” line from The Force Awakens. I’m glad we get to have Lando back in some fashion; also happy we get to read about how he goes back to Bespin. I can’t wait to pick my copy up next month! To read the rest of the excerpt, make sure to head over to I09.

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