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Mike and Joao continue the most comprehensive coverage in podcasting on Rogue One and its characters!
In this episode:
  • Rebels mid-season trailer
  • K-2SO mini-dissection
  • Mike and Joao’s top five droids of Star Wars
  • Main Topic: Captain Cassian Andor mini-dissection
  • Background information
  • Fulcrum recruitment
  • Did Cassian kill Tivik in cold blood or did he do it to save the Rebellion?
  • Taking a chance of saving Jyn and losing an audience with Saw Gerrera
  • Looking for Jyn when he no longer needs her for his mission
  • The conflict of killing Galen Erso
  • The argument with Jyn after Galen’s death
  • His belief in Jyn
  • K-2SO’s death
  • Convincing Jyn not to kill Krennic
  • Becoming one with the Force

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